About Us

North Shore Culinary School's vision is to provide youth and adults with skills that are relevant in the workplace, skills that will allow participants to be meaningfully employed and fully engaged in their community. We are committed to fulfilling our vision and providing skills that will enhance youth and adults’ personal attributes, with view to assisting them in securing meaningful careers and an opportunity to achieve success in the hospitality industry.

North Shore Culinary School staff is dedicated, well trained and industry certified. We are leaders with significant experience in the hospitality industry and maintain many culinary business connections and support teaching techniques with real life experiences every day to give students the best learning experience possible.

Chef Don Guthro applies his experience to culinary education. With more than three decades of experience and knowledge, Chef endeavours to inspire the next generation of chefs. As a former Academic Director for a premier North American Culinary and management school, he was able to develop a program curriculum locally that focuses on quality of education and leading-edge cooking skills.

The culinary program format is currently offered on a full-time basis, exposing students to the best of standard educational curricula as well as realistic learning styles. Instructors provide classroom leadership and regular lectures, helping all students to master the skill of culinary arts.

Individual coaching is available upon request from students.


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