With a menu designed for your party, staff will arrive early to start the preparations. We strive to prepare most items at your home or suite to achieve full freshness.

The catering that we provide is a fine dining in your own home, or weekend house. My team and students will allow you to enjoy entertaining without worrying about all the details from preparation to clean up. We want you to relax and enjoy your own party!

Our catering staff will provide you with a customized menu that is tailored to your preferences based on prior budgeting, which will help us prepare some guidelines as a bases to begin designing your event. From the number of courses in your meal to wine pairing, we want to show you a memorable evening that leaves you with a unique interactive dining experience.

We want our presence in your kitchen to be a special culinary experience that makes you and your guests feel relaxed and entertained. We also offer in-house culinary classes designed for you and your guests. Please feel free in contacting us.



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