Donations & Sponsorship

The North Shore Culinary School changes lives--it really does. Students who thought they had nothing in life also felt life had nothing for them. They are now developing their relationships, working to become cooks and chefs, heading towards a good future. In Vancouver we have a number of problems in our communities: people feel left ou, there is no work, some are homeless and are at risk of getting on the path of no return. All people really need is a chance, in others believing in them.

However, it costs money to change lives--no matter how thin or bulky your wallet, you can make a difference. Here are a few examples of what it costs to develop each student into a fantastic chef.


Entire 17-week Program at NSCS
One Week Per Student
Chef's Knives & Uniforms
Text Books
Kitchen Clogs
Travel Costs
$129.00 Monthly
Weekly Living Allowance
$80.00 Monthly
Work Placements
Covered With Monthly Bus Pass
Housing Support
$550.00 Monthly
Training Trips
$75.00 Per Program Per Student


We want to carry on giving these opportunities to talented youths and transitional adults. Your help is invaluable. Please support the students as they rebuild their lives! Your donations will make a massive difference. If you would like to support the work of Don Guthro please click the link below.




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